List of Accepted Papers

01. A Multi-Environment Multi-Agent Simulation Framework for Self-Organizing Systems
Maira Gatti, Carlos Lucena
02. An Agent-Based Framework for Assessing the Cost of Committal Search in Supply Networks
Rodolfo Garcia-Flores, Rene Weiskircher, Nectarios Kontoleon, Simon Dunstall
03. Stigmergic Modeling of Hierarchical Task Networks
H. Van Dyke Parunak, Theodore Belding, Robert Bisson, Sven Brueckner, Elizabeth Downs, Rainer Hilscher, Keith Decker
04. Mentat: A Data-Driven Agent-Based Simulation of Social Values Evolution
Samer Hassan, Luis Antunes, Juan Pavón
05. Ants Meeting in an Unknown Environment
Asaf Shiloni, Alon Levy, Ariel Felner, Meir Kalech
06. Agent-Based Simulation with Beliefs and SPARQL-based Ask-Reply Communication
Ion-Mircea Diaconescu, Gerd Wagner
07. Software Development Process Simulation: Multi Agent-Based Simulation versus System Dynamics
Redha Cherif, Paul Davidsson
08. Micro-Scale Simulation of the Macro Urban Form: Opportunities for Exploring Urban Change and Adaptation
Tim Baynes, Scott Heckbert
09. Cumulative Effects and Emergent Properties of Multiple-Use Natural Resources
Scott Heckbert, Wiktor Adamowicz, Peter Boxall, Daniel Hanneman
10. HUME 1.0 - An Agent-Based Model on the Evolution of Trust in Strangers and Division of Labour
Oliver Will
11. A Multi-Agent System of Adaptive Production Networks
Samir Hamichi, David Brée, Diana Mangalagiu, Zahia Guessoum
12. Does Cognitive Capacity Matter in Double Auction Markets?
Shu-Heng Chen, Chung-Ching Tai
13. Strategic Interactions in Irregular Warfare: An Agent-Based Model
Maciej Latek, Maksim Tsvetovat
14. Emergent Networks from Cooperative Interactions in a Core-Periphery Community Structure
Paul Box, Yiheyis Maru
15. The Impact of Naive Agents in Heterogeneous Trust-aware Societies
Amirali Salehi-Abari, Tony White
16. Comparing Human and Synthetic Group Behaviors: A Model Based on Social Psychology
Natalie Fridman, Gal A. Kaminka

Mar 21, 2009: the list of accepted papers is online.

Mar 05, 2009: preparation of camera-ready version of accepted papers is postponed to Mar 15, 2009.

Jan 27, 2009: submission's deadline extended to Feb 8, 2009.