Call For Papers

MABS 2009

MABS 2009 is the tenth edition of the International Workshop on Multi-Agent Based Simulation, which will be hosted at AAMAS 2009, the eighth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, that is going to take place in Budapest, Hungary, on May 10-15, 2009.

Multi-Agent Based Simulation (MABS) is an inter-disciplinary area born at the intersection between the multi-agent systems (MAS) community and the agent-based social simulation (ABSS) community. The workshop aims to bring together scholars interested in agent-based systems and computational models of real-world societies, at different levels of organization, in order to create a forum for dialogue and research across disciplines.


We invite papers from the scientific communities working on multi-agent systems and social simulation. Topics include:

Simulation Methodologies

Simulation of social and economic behaviours


Data driven simulations

Without limiting the range of traditional topics addressed in this workshop, in the upcoming edition we would like to challenge the community to submit the latest results in one additional area: Data driven simulations, which will focus on the cross-methodological research that aims to relate models to empirical data in several fields: including biology, sociology, political science, economics, and up to studies done with new media and communication technologies.

This special topic can be broken down into (at least) the following issues:

  • How to generate a simulation of a system, given a body of data describing a domain; this uses data as input to the simulation.
  • How to validate a simulation by comparing it with real-world data; this compares the output of the simulation with the data.
  • The use of a simulation as part of a model-based control system; this puts the simulation in a loop, continuously consuming data from the world through sensors and changing the world through actuators.

Submission instructions

Elettronic submission will be managed online through the EasyChair system.

All submissions should be no longer than 12 pages, in PDF format. Authors are required to use Springer LNCS format for proceedings.

Papers will be included in the Workshop Procedings. Following the workshop, participants will be required to revise their papers, which will undergo a second review process before publication in the post-proceedings, as part of the Multi-Agent-Based Simulation Series for Springer-Verlag.

Important dates

Review process

Submission reviews are based on full papers. All submissions would go through a peer review process, with two or three independent PC members reviewing each submission. Only those deemed to be 1) relevant to the workshop's aims, 2) presenting original work, and 3) of good quality and clarity would be accepted.

Organizing Committee

H. Van Dyke Parunak
Chief Scientist
NewVectors division of TechTeam Government Solutions, Inc.
3520 Green Court, Suite 250
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-1579
phone: +1 734 302 4684

Gennaro Di Tosto
Laboratory of Agent-Based Social Simulation
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, CNR
Via San Martino della Battaglia 44
00185 Roma, ITALY
phone: +39 06 44 59 52 78

Steering Committee

Program Committee


Mar 21, 2009: the list of accepted papers is online.

Mar 05, 2009: preparation of camera-ready version of accepted papers is postponed to Mar 15, 2009.

Jan 27, 2009: submission's deadline extended to Feb 8, 2009.