Workshop Programme

Monday, May 11

Session 1: Simulation of socio-economic behaviors
09:00 Software Development Process Simulation: Multi Agent-Based Simulation versus System Dynamics
Redha Cherif, Paul Davidsson
09:30 An Agent-Based Framework for Assessing the Cost of Committal Search in Supply Networks
Rodolfo Garcia-Flores, Rene Weiskircher, Nectarios Kontoleon, Simon Dunstall
10:00 A Multi-Agent System of Adaptive Production Networks
Samir Hamichi, David Brée, Diana Mangalagiu, Zahia Guessoum
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 2: Representations for planning and decision-making
11:00 Agent-Based Simulation with Beliefs and SPARQL-based Ask-Reply Communication
Ion-Mircea Diaconescu, Gerd Wagner
11:30 Strategic Interactions in Irregular Warfare: An Agent-Based Model
Maciej Latek, Maksim Tsvetovat
12:00 Stigmergic Modeling of Hierarchical Task Networks
H. Van Dyke Parunak, Theodore Belding, Robert Bisson, Sven Brueckner, Elizabeth Downs, Rainer Hilscher, Keith Decker
12:30 Lunch
Session 3: Trust and reputation
14:00 The Impact of Naive Agents in Heterogeneous Trust-aware Societies
Amirali Salehi-Abari, Tony White
14:30 HUME 1.0 - An Agent-Based Model on the Evolution of Trust in Strangers and Division of Labour
Oliver Will
15:00 Does Cognitive Capacity Matter in Double Auction Markets?
Shu-Heng Chen, Chung-Ching Tai
15:30 Coffee Break
Session 4: MABS for environmental modelling
16:00 Cumulative Effects and Emergent Properties of Multiple-Use Natural Resources
Scott Heckbert, Wiktor Adamowicz, Peter Boxall, Daniel Hanneman
16:30 Emergent Networks from Cooperative Interactions in a Core-Periphery Community Structure
Paul Box, Yiheyis Maru
17:00 General discussion

Tuesday, May 12

Session 5: Self-organizing behaviors
09:00 Ants Meeting in an Unknown Environment
Asaf Shiloni, Alon Levy, Ariel Felner, Meir Kalech
09:30 A Multi-Environment Multi-Agent Simulation Framework for Self-Organizing Systems
Maira Gatti, Carlos Lucena
10:00 Comparing Human and Synthetic Group Behaviors: A Model Based on Social Psychology
Natalie Fridman, Gal A. Kaminka
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 6: Data-driven simulations
11:00 Mentat: A Data-Driven Agent-Based Simulation of Social Values Evolution
Samer Hassan, Luis Antunes, Juan Pavón
11:30 Micro-Scale Simulation of the Macro Urban Form: Opportunities for Exploring Urban Change and Adaptation
Tim Baynes, Scott Heckbert
12:00 General discussion

Mar 21, 2009: the list of accepted papers is online.

Mar 05, 2009: preparation of camera-ready version of accepted papers is postponed to Mar 15, 2009.

Jan 27, 2009: submission's deadline extended to Feb 8, 2009.