Collection of LABSS videos

We present here videos of presentations and interviews. Most of them from Rosaria Conte.

FuturICT presentation with remarks from Rosaria Conte

FuturICT presentation with a remark from Mario Paolucci

FuturICT introduction from Rosaria Conte

FuturICT interview to Rosaria Conte

Presentation from Rosaria Conte at ECSS 2010

FuturICT Documentary from FuturICT – FET flagship project on Vimeo.

Talk @ ECCS10

Read the talk by Rosaria Conte @ ECCS 2010

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WCSS 2010 - Turning information into knowledge: the role of P2P communication

Read the talk by Rosaria Conte @ WCSS2010

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SCIVE 2010

Read the talk by Rosaria Conte @ SCIVE 2010 – ECCS

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ESSA10 Summer School 1

ESSA10 – Summer School

ESSA10 Summer School 2

ESSA10 Summer school 2

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