Walter Quattrociocchi

Walter Quattrociocchi has collaborated with the LABSS since 2008. His research interests include dynamic networks, graph algorithms, and dynamic processes on complex networks (social and biological).

He obtained the Master Degree in Computer Science at the University of Parma and the Phd in Logic and Computer Science at the University of Siena.
Recently, his research has focused on the modeling of social phenomena occurring on complex networks (e.g. information diffusion, opinions formation and revision dynamics, social imitation, complex contagion).
Since November 2012 he is collaborating as visiting scientist with Guido Caldarelli at the IMT (Institute for Advanced Studies) of Lucca.
In January 2013 he moved to Boston (USA) to join the MOBs lab of Alessandro Vespignani as Post-doctoral Research Associate at Northeastern University.
He is a fellow of the London Institute of Mathematical Science.
He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

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