Guilt Aversion in (New) Games: the Role of Vulnerability

We're glad to announce that Prof. Giuseppe Attanasi (Université Cote d'Azur, Nice) will present a seminar on: Guilt Aversion in (New) Games: the Role of Vulnerability, Thursday, February 13 at 14:30 in Sala Europa, via Palestro 32, (ISTC-CNR).


From the literature we know that some contextual factors modulate guilt aversion, such as pre-play communication and social closeness. In this project, we investigate whether a particular feature of the game itself---the vulnerability of the opponents---affects a player's guilt aversion. We deem that an opponent is (i) ex-post vulnerable when the player's choice affects that opponent’s final payoff, and (ii) ex-ante vulnerable when the player has a decision right on that opponent's initial endowment. In a laboratory experiment, we introduce four three-player games played within-subjects, varying whether the participants can condition their decision on the belief of another player who is ex-ante vulnerable and/or ex-post vulnerable. We find that guilt aversion is insensitive to the opponents' vulnerability.

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