LABSS @ School for Science IN Diplomacy, Gaeta

Building the next generation of diplomats and decision makers: this is the long-term goal of the School for Science IN Diplomacy (School4SID), that is being held from 5 to 7 June 2019 in Gaeta, a small historical town on coastline between Rome and Naples.

Mario Paolucci, LABSS co-leader, is one of the researchers involved in the pool of experts of the school. He will give a talk on June 6th about an Agent-Based Simulation approach to science in diplomacy.

Starting from concrete examples, he will show how ABM can tackles social complexity by modeling individual behaviors. This approach allows to test on a computer new policies before they are implemented, evaluating both their short-term and long-term effects: ABM can therefore be an important tool towards a Science in Diplomacy 2.0.

Diplomacy is a key tool for dealing with global problems and avoiding international crises. Unfortunately, the complex dynamics characterizing today’s heavily interconnected world have overtaken the classical tools of decision-making. There is still a gap between science and diplomacy. For a successful integration between diplomatic and scientific communities, we need the adoption of a common working language.

The School4SID aims at addressing the complexity of the systems as a whole (not only environmental, economic, industrial, technological, cultural, but also socio-relational), the limitations and opportunities that a scientific approach can offer, the ability to discern between lobbies, facts, predictions and perceptions, the evaluation between consensus, impact and feasibility of the actions to be adopted.

A group of approximately 20 top-scientist in different disciplines have prepared a training offer for the various aspects which are considered salient to increase the capacity building of a next generation of diplomats. The scientist will present their offer to approximately 20 diplomats during a three-days workshop, to co-design and evaluate a training portfolio for diplomats and personnel involved in decision processes.

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