Prof. Rainer Hegselmann on the unexpectedly non-monotonic Bounded Confidence Model

a seminar on "Computer-Aided Speculations in Social Epistemology: A Case Study on the Bounded Confidence Model". Wednesday 5 Feb, at 11:00 in room Piaget; Via S. Martino della Battaglia 44, 00185 Rome (ITALY)

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The bounded confidence model (BC model) of opinion dynamics tries to answer the question: What happens if individuals take seriously only those others whose opinions are not too far away from their own opinion?

The model is basically driven by just one parameter: the confidence level. Depending upon the confidence level, the model generates complicated phase transitions as to the number of emerging clusters. The BC model is deceptively simple. Up to now the stabilisation behaviour is only partially understood. Several non-monotonicities are surprising.

Additionally, it has many extensions and lots of interpretations. In my talk I will focus on some open questions as to the very basics of the model. And I will present an application of the model on problems of radicalisation and polarisation.

Finally, the BC model will be used to reflect on what one can get from an agent-based toy model as the BC model undoubtedly is.

Prof. Rainer Hegselmann (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) has been visitng LABSS/ISTC between Feb. 4th and 7th 2020.

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