Gian Luca Pasin

Gian Luca Pasin is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of the Italian National Council of Research (CNR), and a member of the Laboratory of Agent-Based Social Simulation (LABSS). He is also a member of the Behave Lab at the University of Milan

Gian Luca did a Ph.D. in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies at the University of Milan. His research interests focus on the study of social norms and culture, and their effect on behavior. To investigate those topics, he employs an analytical approach and applies quantitative methodologies, such as survey and experiments. In his Ph.D. thesis he developed a survey, a factorial survey experiment and a behavioural online experiment to study how formal and informal institutions interact and shape tax compliance in Italy.

He currently works on a project that investigates how social norms promote sustainable behaviors in the domain of recycling and reuse.

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