Matteo Michelini

Matteo Michelini is a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy both at the Technical University of Eindhoven and at the Rurh University of Bochum (Joint PhD). He is affiliated with the DFG Network on Simulations for Scientific Inquiry ( DFG ), and with the Research Group on Sceintific Reasoning at Bochum University ( Bochum University). He did his master in Logic and his bachelor in Philosophy

His research revolves around applying ABMs to philosophical problems. In particular, he investigates how epistemic practices that are detrimental for the individual may turn out to be beneficial for the community the individual is part of. His ongoing projects are about epistemic vigilance, tribal beliefs, myside bias, and misintepretation of evidence.

He is very curious about anything related to philosophy and social sciences, and he genuinely enjoys thrilling discussions about new and old ideas.

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