The PeerReviewGPS model

By Mario Paolucci, Jordi Sabater-Mir & Francisco Grimaldo

This is a model of paper publication and consumption that allows to study the effect of two different evaluation mechanisms, peer review and reputation, on the quality of the manuscripts accessed by a scientific community.

The code is available on:

Punishment and reputation

By Mario Paolucci & Jelly Biafra

This is the NetLogo code used for the “Group size and gossip strategies: an ABM tool for investigating reputation-based cooperation.” from Francesca Giardini, Diana Adamatti, Mario Paolucci and Rosaria Conte, presented at MABS 2014

Download the NetLogo code

PR-M: The Peer Review Model

By Francisco Grimaldo and Mario Paolucci

This is the Jason code used for the publication “Paolucci, M., Grimaldo. F. (2014). Mechanism change in a simulation of peer review: from junk support to elitism. Scientometrics. In press.”

Published on OpenABM

Cite as:
Grimaldo, Francisco, Paolucci, Mario (2014, January 5). “PR-M: The Peer Review Model” (Version 2). CoMSES Computational Model Library. Retrieved from:

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