Welcome to the LABSS

We are a highly interdisciplinary research group working at the intersection among cognitive, social and computational sciences. Our lab is based at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy and aims to foster an explorative approach to Agent Based Modeling and Simulation.

Work in Progress Seminars @LABSS

LABSS is starting today a monthly brown-bag seminar series called “Work in Progress Seminars” (WIPS). These are interdisciplinary seminars for the cognitive and behavioural sciences (including biology) as they pertain to humans. WIPS are meant to be a venue for presenting early to mid stage and experiment-related researches.

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Models of Social Influence: Towards the Next Frontiers

We’re glad to give notice of the publication of a new paper on Models of Social Influence: Towards the Next Frontiers by Andreas Flache , Michael Mäs , Thomas Feliciani , Edmund Chattoe-Brown , Guillaume Deffuant , Sylvie Huet and Jan Lorenz.

The paper is part of a JASSS special issue in memory of Rosaria Conte

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Postdoctoral position in Social and Cognitive Dynamics at LABSS

The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies at the Italian National Research Council announces the opening of a postdoctoral position in Social and Cognitive Dynamics. The fellowship - funded by the Institute for Informatics and Telematics of the Italian National Research Council - is established to honour the memory of Rosaria Conte, Research Director and founder of the Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies in Rome, where the position will be housed.

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LABSS @ PROTON Meeting in Jerusalem

The partners of the European Project PROTON, including the LABSS, gathered for the First Consortium meeting at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on October 16th and 17th. All partners participated to the sessions in order to present and discuss the preliminary findings of the research. The plenary meeting paved the way to a fruitful collaboration among the Consortium members during the next years of the project.

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Wojtek Przepiorka @ISTC-CNR

On October 11th Wojtek Przepiorka of the Utrecht University will give a talk at the ISTC-CNR entitled “Emergence of latent norms in the repeated volunteer’s dilemma: the role of other-regarding preferences and learning”.

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LABSS co-authored paper reaches +10k views

An important milestone was reached by one of the articles co-authored by Giulia Andrighetto. The paper “Are Some Countries More Honest than Others? Evidence from a Tax Compliance Experiment in Sweden and Italy, published on the journal Frontiers in Psychology, exceeded 10.000 online views in one year and a half only.

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PEERE@LABSS: The PEERE International Conference on Peer Review

We are glad to announce the PEERE International Conference on Peer Review, 7-9 March 2018, CNR (National Research Council) Rome, Piazzale Aldo Moro, Italy

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Ozan Aksoy @ISTC-CNR

On May 24th Ozan Aksoy of the University College London, UK gave a talk at the ISTC-CNR entitled “Partner Selection and Cooperation in the Lab”.

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Pontus Strimling @ISTC-CNR

On May 17th Pontus Strimling of the Institute For Future studies and Centre for studies of Cultural Evolution, Stockholm, gave a talk at the ISTC-CNR entitled “Why liberals are winning the culture war”.

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Giulia Andrighetto @Utrecht University

On May 10th Giulia Andrighetto, LABSS co-director, gave a talk at the University of Utrecht about Modelling and Experimenting with Social Norms.

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