About the LABSS

The Laboratory of Agent-Based Social Simulation (LABSS) is an international research group working at the intersection of cognitive, social, and computational sciences. 

How can cooperation and social order be promoted? What are the effects of social norms? Can harmful behaviours be reduced and undesirable norms changed? What is the role of reputation and gossip in supporting cooperation? The LABSS, currently co-directed by Mario Paolucci and Giulia Andrighetto, addresses these and similar questions in an interdisciplinary way.

Established in the 90s within the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy, the LABSS was founded by the cognitive and social scientist Rosaria Conte.

Since its early days, the laboratory has been characterised by an explorative approach to Agent Based Modelling and Simulation, a new field constantly crossing the disciplinary boundaries.

More recently, the LABSS is combining computational models with laboratory and online experiments with human subjects to explain social behaviour.

LABSS at a glance

Laboratory of Agent-Based Social Simulation: What we do

You will find a short presentation of LABSS here and below.

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