About the LABSS

The Laboratory of Agent-Based Social Simulation (LABSS) is a highly interdisciplinary research group working at the intersection among cognitive, social and computational sciences. It aims at using innovative tools to unfold the complexity of human social behaviour.

The LABSS was founded in the 90s within the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy by the cognitive and social scientist Rosaria Conte.

Since its early days, the laboratory has been characterized by an explorative approach to Agent Based Modeling and Simulation, a new field constantly crossing the disciplinary boundaries.

Can social artifacts such as norms and reputation be studied as scientific objects? How can opinion dynamic, social norm compliance and cooperation, be promoted? The LABSS uses a range of different methods to approach these questions, including agent-based computational modeling, laboratory and online experiments, field experiments, and social network analysis.

The LABSS currently consists of an international and interdisciplinary group counting around 10 collaborators among social scientists, physics, philosophers, computer scientists, sociologists and cognitive scientists. The LABSS is currently managed together by Mario Paolucci and Giulia Andrighetto.

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