Giulia Andrighetto

Giulia Andrighetto, PhD in Philosophy (2007), is the co-director of the Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation (LABSS) within the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies at the Italian National Research Council (ISTC-CNR).

Her research activity aims to develop interdisciplinary studies in the cognitive and social fields, analysing in particular the nature and dynamics of social norms (emergence, stabilization, innovation, evolution) and the mechanisms fostering their compliance and diffusion (such as practical and social incentives).

She integrates the research findings in cognitive science into a set of operational models, testing them with a cross-methodological approach which combines Agent Based Social Simulations and Laboratory Experiments.

On a theoretical level, her main contribution was the development of a model of norms as both mental and social phenomena, using Agent Based Social Simulation to understand their dynamics. To do so, she integrated the cognitive mechanisms at individual level with the social processes at collective level, two aspects generally considered as separate.
Combining lab experiments (to understand the cognitive processes underlying norms’ reception) and simulations (to test the conditions responsible of the emergence and diffusions of norms), she developed her cross-methodological approach to validate models.

In 2013, she received for these researches the “Ricercat@mente” Prize for Social Sciences area, a national award dedicated to under 35 researchers and established by CNR and Academy of Lynxes.

She recently started applying her research on the dynamics of norms to two complementary domains: the extortion racket systems and the taxation systems in illegal contexts.

The strongly interdisciplinary approach characterising her research is the result of periods of education and visiting in prestigious national and international institutions in the area of cognitive and social sciences, such as the European University Institute (EUI, Fiesole), the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC-CNR, Rome), the Nuffield College (Oxford University), the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis (Indiana University), as well as of regular collaborations with researches coming from different institutions of the world.

She is currently the Principal Investigator for the ISTC-CNR unit of the European Project H2020 PROTON (Contract n. 699824 – 2016-2019), an interdisciplinary endeavour aiming at improving existing knowledge on the processes of recruitment to organised crime and terrorist networks (OCTN) through an innovative integration between social and computational sciences. As a PI, she coordinates a research team of cognitive and social scientists, physics and computer scientists.
She has published more than 60 scientific works among volumes, journal articles, proceedings and book chapters.


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