AISC Best Paper First Prize

The article Incentivi reputazionali alla cooperazione in un gioco competitivo tra adolescenti: Uno studio sperimentale (Reputational incentives to cooperation in a competitive game with adolescents: An experimental study), co-authored by LABSS researchers, was awarded with the first prize of the Vittorio Girotto Best AISC Paper 2016 of the Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences.

Mario Paolucci, LABSS co-director, collected the award during the 2016 AISC Conference (November 24-26) _*Mind the gap: brain, cognition and society*_.

The paper, to be published in the next number of the journal Sistemi Intelligenti, focuses on the relation between reputation and cooperation. In particular, the authors tested whether the possibility of being evaluated (with a like or a dislike) when giving suggestions about a deal in a competitive game had an effect on truthfulness of suggestions.

They designed a computer- mediated experiment and tested adolescents in a high-school in Italy, with the aim of understanding the development of reputational dynamics and how adolescents deal with competing incentives.

The results show that when reputation was introduced, adolescents became more cooperative, both in terms of donations to partners and of suggestions offered.

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