Work in Progress Seminars @LABSS

LABSS is starting today a monthly brown-bag seminar series called “Work in Progress Seminars” (WIPS). These are interdisciplinary seminars for the cognitive and behavioural sciences (including biology) as they pertain to humans. WIPS are meant to be a venue for presenting early to mid stage and experiment-related research.

WIPS’ goal is to provide presenters with useful and implementable feedback on their research. The seminars will be held from November 2017 until April 2018 and will last for one hour, from 12 noon until 1pm.

For further information please contact aron.szekely[at]


Kick-off WIPS: “What Motivates Climate Change Prevention?”

The first WIPS will be on Thursday 9th November in Sala Europa, Via Palestro 32, ISTC-CNR, Rome.

Aron Szekely, Research Fellow at the LABSS, will start off the series and present “What Motivates Climate Change Prevention?”. This paper aims to disentangle the motivations behind climate change compliance using the collective-risk social dilemma, a variant of the step-level public goods game, as a model for climate change prevention.

The authors explore how different matching schemes affect contribution behaviour and norm formation and change. The experiment will be conducted online and will be over a one-month period.

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